Mariposa Pedestrian Mall

캘리포니아 부동산 시험 프레즈노 시험장은 Mariposa Pedestrian Mall 빌딩 3004호입니다.


2550 Mariposa Mall Room 3004,
Fresno, CA 93721
(Exam Room: 3004, 3rd Floor)


Long term parking is limited; so please arrive early. Parking costs vary by location, please plan ahead.

While there is 2-hour metered street parking surrounding the State Office Building, be advised that once admitted to an examination, examinees are not permitted to leave the exam room for any reason, including feeding a meter. Cost of parking meters is $1.50 an hour and only coins are accepted.

Parking is available in the following locations:
“O” and “Fresno” Streets;
“P” and “Fresno” Streets.

You must pay for parking in these lots via the ParkMobile app or at kiosks in their respective locations.
The nearest Public Parking garage is at “N” and “Kern” Streets, approximately three blocks away from the Examination Center.

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